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Getting Started with Stata: A Short Course

Looking to learn everything you need to getting started with Stata? This course is for you! Learning new data skills can be a daunting experience especially when it has never been introduced to you. Many students leave things half-way or shift their focus somewhere else. However, data is the new oil in the 21st century and ignoring to learn these critical skills might have long term implications for your career.

Audience: This course is especially designed for students/scholars aspiring to make career in the fields of data science and analytics. This course will expose you to skills needed to getting started in the data analytics domain which are widely applied across many disciplines, such as, social sciences, economics, political science, sociology, behavioral sciences, and marketing and management.

Prerequisites: None

Learning Objectives: At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand STATA terminology
  • Connect to data
  • Learn to edit and save data
  • Learn to work with essential stata commands
  • Learn to work with conditional stata operations
  • Merge, append and reshape different data files
  • Basic data visualization

When one engages with “real-time” datasets that doesn’t allow for simple “click-and-go” analysis, it requires deeper understanding of critical processes such as data manipulation, data management and output formatting. It is therefore, essential to learn techniques and tricks which help you accomplish your project.

This course will help you start your journey into empirical research and policy making.

We teach you and make you a PRO in getting started with statistical software, using both drop-down menu as well as command windows. Hang on, It’s just the beginning! There are many secret recipes on the way. Additionally, it prepares you for bigger roles in the world of work.

We run variety of courses and once you get the hang of our courses and learn valuable skills, they will become an analytical “SWISS ARMY KNIFE” valuable in just about every professional, economic and social setting. LET US LET YOU IN ON A SECRET: You just need to be two steps ahead of the rest. In short, the success lies in getting started!

Getting Started

Start from very basic and gradually learn to work with essential stata functions.

Essential Stata Commands

We will cover all the essential stata commands required to work with variable truncation, variable management and file management.

Data Management

Covering topics from data management such as working with exiting and external datasets, creating your own datasets etc.

Stata Interface and File Management

We will explore variable data types and learn to work with conditional functions.

Stata File Formats and Data Management

Data management and modification will be covered in this section. We will explore advanced stata commands such as merge, reshape, collapse, append etc.

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10 Dec 2022


6:00 PM

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  • Date: 10 Dec 2022
  • Time: 7:30 AM


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