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There is no dearth of learning material as far as open access sources are concerned. We watch content online and read books, blogs, articles etc. just for a sheer joy of learning something new and broaden our understanding. But sometimes, well-defined structured courses are needed for a better job, a promotion or a college application. That’s where we have got your back!

proficiency badge and completion certificate

Proficiency badge and verified completion certificate can provide proof for an employer, college or other academic institutions that you have successfully completed a course. After all, aiming to receive certificate at the end of course keeps our learners motivated. Yes, we all need that extra push to achieve new heights in life. 

Proficiency badges

Why you should aim for badges and certification?

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Learn New Skills

Learn new intricate data skills and Impress your employer, professors as well as supervisors with a certificate that documents your learning and proficiency in applied data methods, tools and techniques.

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Gain Access to Graded Material

You will have access to all course materials as well as graded assignments which we will use to access your knowledge of the subject area and determine whether you have mastered the material to earn a proficiency badge.

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Showcase Your Accomplishment

Upon completion, you will receive certificate which you can further share on your social media platforms to increase your visibility and expertise. You will also get a skill endorsement on your LinkedIn profile.


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